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Support Rebecca Watson, ESPECIALLY if you’re an atheist

Here’s a link:




Even more:


A great quote from a semi-private forum I’m a member of (No, I haven’t cleared the quotee’s approval for quotation, but I’m POSITIVE she’s ok with it. We’re friends.

Used to be that at least once a season, one of the big “skeptic” blogs would be all, “Where are all the women at?!”

And, the feminist blog-o-sphere would say, “Um, we’re over here.”

And, the Skeptics would be all… U R Doin It Rong. We mean Real Women!

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Which is why I thought of Passey. She was like… Queen of the Asshole Athiest Libertarian blogs years ago. Because she was the KIND of women they were looking for:



I think we need to solidly support Watson. Just google ftbullies.

This is NASTY, and we’re on the right side.

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