Sandy Is the October Surprise

possible storm tracks for Sandy

It seems that there is a hurricane coming up from the tropics. It seems that there is also a cold front zooming down from Canada; depending on the path of the hurricane, the two could meet right over Long Island.

During a full moon.

Should those three events come together in a “perfect storm”, New York City, The Hudson Mohawk Valley, The Raritan Valley, pretty much all of Southern Connecticut, and all of Rhode Island will likely see damage, maybe some in Massachusetts too.

Hurricane Irene is still fresh in my mind, probably because here on LI, we are still fighting with LIPA (Long Island Power Authority) about it and because of the abysmal storm response we suffer through, the Governor is appointing new LIPA management next month.

I’m planning for power outages. Another storm track projection has the storm making a sharp inland turn and plowing through Pennsylvania.

If we have the kind of damage that happened during Irene, we might not have power in many Democratic strongholds like Philadelphia on Election Day. Even if they can get the power back on by that day, we will have lost the last critical week of GOTV on the bluest part of the very blue Northeast coast.

NPR reported earlier today that Massachusetts’s Gov. Duval Patrick had already ordered emergency response plans to be delivered to him by Friday from utility companies there. I think Governor Cuomo should be on the phone to our utilities as well. So should a few other governors.

Remember, Irene was just a hurricane. Sandy will be a hurricane, plus a cold front, plus a full moon.

If I were President Obama, I might consider the possibility that some of those swing states may become disaster areas (one storm track puts Virginia and Maryland in harm’s way) and have a contingency campaign schedule in case POTUS needs to drop everything and do crisis management. You would not want Sandy to turn into Obama’s Katrina.

On a somewhat related note, those of you who live in any of the storm threatened areas, please make preparations, heed any evacuation orders, keep up-to-date with the storm’s progress and try to stay safe. After the storm, a myFDL diary to check in and let us know you made through OK would be a relief from worry.


And NO, NY does not have early voting.

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