If you’re living in a swing state and you’re not voting for Obama, it’s immoral NOT to give FDL $20/month, provided you can afford it. Are there exceptions to that? Sure, plenty, but for me it’s a guideline for approaching my responsibilities as a citizen. Regardless of where you live, I think everyone should be donating as much as they can afford to FDL and Occupy. If you know of a better place to donate, please leave it in the thread.

If, as many FLDer’s have (Jane, Scarecrow, Tarheel Dem….. (apologies to the many I’ve missed) you’ve ALREADY been ARRESTED in NON-VIOLENT protests against the military industrial complex, torture, pillaging the environment, marriage equality, reproductive rights, economic genocide, pot prohibition the policies of the uniparty, then I say “NO.” It’s not immoral for YOU to vote against Obama in a swing state. You’ve earned that right with your heroic actions.

If you live in a heavily Red or Blue state, is it immoral to vote for anyone but Jill Stein (or the 3rd party equivalent)? Hell yes. IMHO reasonable FDLers could make the affirmative that it is. Unions need to understand that our patience is not infinite. Like their wingnut counterparts, local, state, and national Democrats pour over precinct voting totals. When they see heavy turnout for down-ticket Dems and a lot of votes for Jill Stein, even they can figure it out.

For someone in a swing state, who has protested, who has taken photos, who has posted FDL diaries about the protest, but has NOT been arrested; is it immoral for them to vote against Obama? To me it’s not as clear a case as someone who has submitted to arrest, but I would give that person the benefit of the doubt, because they had the courage to post diaries. Protest against INJUSTICE is not PRIVATE. When the Mexican drug gangs want to send a message they leave the disemboweled bodies where everyone can see them. Hurling insults at Obama from behind the safety of a pseudonym is not going to get it done.

Let’s be crystal clear about who is responsible for where our nation is today. It’s not Obama’s fault. It’s not the vichy Dems. It’s not the media. It’s not the GOP. It’s not wingnut radio. Those were the excuses we used in 2008. In 2012, it’s us, the well educated members of FDL, other lefty blogs, and our friends and families. If you want to place blame, stand in front of the damn mirror. Among our greatest failures, we did not get it done on the environment, torture, the public option, Wall Street, withdrawals from the foreign occupations, offshoring of U.S. jobs, pot prohibition and taxing the 1%. On the last five, there remains widespread agreement with the folks on the right. We were not smart enough in forging sustainable alliances, we were not tough (in a non-violent way) enough in understanding the corridors of power. We did not contribute enough money to the right places. We did not collectively use our purchasing power to achieve our political goals. Obama just wants to get re-elected. His campaign is a barometer of our repeated failures.

If we’re fortunate, we’ll look back at 2008 – 2012 as the Stalingrad of civil disobedience. Could our failed non-violent fight for the public option become known as the “tractor factory” (a famous battle in Stalingrad) of civil disobedience that stopped the 1%’s momentum? FWIW, I bought all of Reagan’s “trickle-down,” shtick. Wish I had known then what I know now. We’ve been lowering the MARGINAL tax rates on the 1% since the Eisenhower administrations. Top MARGINAL tax rates 1916 – 2011. NOTHING ever “trickled down.” They just used those tax breaks to buy both parties and the media.

I’m a Badger, so as the race tightened here, I am increasingly certain that my vote will count. If Obama opens up a sustainable lead, I’ll be thrilled to cast my vote for Jill Stein. If that doesn’t happen, the major issue impacting my vote is GOP “voter suppression.” In 2014, Wisconsin will have another chance to throw Scott Walker out. If Romney wins, a lot of the poor and the elderly will not be able to vote. Democrats around the country need the poor and the elderly to vote in LOCAL and STATE races, so I am confident they will be significantly better on voter suppression.

FDLers in swing states who refuse to vote for Obama need to look hard at the Weimar Republic. Please do not tell me what I already know, how horrible Obama and the vichy Dems are. If you want change my mind, show me how my fears about the Weimar Republic’s relevance to 2012 are unfounded.