As true as the title may be, it’s really not a big deal, so please forgive me if I write about another subject.

Whether Obama wins or Romney wins the election, life will be pretty much be the same as it is now. As times goes by, we will watch as our country continues its devolution into a corporate run police-state.

If Obama wins, it should surprise no one when he continues his journey into the right-side. As I heard on another blog, when Obama says “Make me do it”, he’s issuing a taunt, much as a schoolyard bully would. Why oh why, would he have to be “made” to do anything that he thought was the right thing to do?

Not only that, but who do you think has the total advantage when it comes to “making” him do anything? The average citizen who he has been screwing over the last four years, or the corporate conglomerate that has control over our politicians and government? Those who cling to the idea that they will be able to “make” him “do it” surely should be disabused of that notion by now.

If Romney wins, he might even initially move a little bit toward the center on social issues since  he will no longer have  to pander to his base. Afterward, he will surely continue the journey to the right-side in much the same way, and at pretty much the same pace as Obama has. Maybe a little slower, as the Democrats go back to functioning as the pandering “opposition”.

In any event, regardless of which one wins, the move to the right will continue, and it will continue at about the same pace as it has, for that is the pace the country will tolerate, absorb and accept as the status quo.

If Obama wins, the Democratic Party faithful will continue sieving for every podunk Republican who says something idiotic while studiously ignoring even a hint of Democratic complicity in where we are now.

If Romney wins, the Democratic Party faithful will shamelessly find horror in everything Romney does as he follows in Obama’s footsteps.

As others have said so well, if there ever was a time to get off the Uniparty hamster wheel, it is now. If you find yourself making LOTE calculations, take that as a sign to look elsewhere. Find a third party candidate that you don’t have to hold your nose for, and vote for them. If you can send money or volunteer, do it. If you can’t, don’t sweat it, but do vote for them. Tell the duopoly, flawed election system and all, that your one vote goes to someone who mirrors your beliefs and value system.

So what, if your candidate doesn’t win. Consider it an investment in a future that appeals to you. As I said, for the next four years, the right-ward pace the country is moving will be pretty much the same regardless of which Uniparty candidate wins. Neither Obama nor Romney will make their next move until we have internalized and normalized their last one. And both work for the same masters, regardless of the theatrically constructed “differences” between them.