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Dismantling the culture of silence in the federal whistleblowing community

MSPB Watch, my one-man watchdog website that keeps track of the veal pen whistleblower-advocacy NGOs and the corrupt and corruptible agencies they interact with, will expand its focus to cover the Fourth Estate. Regulatory capture and corruption don’t happen in a vacuum, they require willing participants who avert their gaze. I intend to direct my gaze at those who’ve looked away for too long.


Introducing a new site feature: Media Relations

Media Relations looks at the personalities that shape the debate surrounding federal civil service issues and seeks to identify and correct any unfair, incomplete, or unbalanced coverage.

Here’s a running list of reporters who cover the MSPB and other whistleblowing issues:

The Washington Post
Joe Davidson (Stories)
Lisa Rein (Stories)

Federal Times
Stephen Losey (Stories)
Andy Medici (Stories)
Sean Reilly (Stories)

Federal News Radio
Mike Causey (Bio)
Emily Kopp (Bio)
Jason Miller (Bio)

Government Executive
Emily Long (Stories)
Katy Saldarini (Stories)

Bob Gilson (Stories)

Stay tuned to see how this feature develops in response to future news coverage.

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