Rupert Boneham is one of the most popular Survivor contestants of all time, a three season veteran who won the $1 million audience prize in 2004 with 85% of the vote.

He’s also the Libertarian candidate for governor of Indiana this year, and although he was only polling at 5% as of September, he’s drawing crowds and shaking things up.

Rupert is a big supporter of marriage equality, as he says in the video above:

I’ve been married to my wife 14 wonderful years.  But like many couples out there we’ve had our hardships, we’ve had our trials. But nothing like the LGBT community has to go through.

It pains me to see my family and friends blocked from the same rights, privileges, protections that my wife and I are granted just because we are legally married.  What does it say to the youth of Indiana when a whole segment of our society is treated like second class citizens?

What does it say about the future of Indiana when we promote bullying and discrimination in our laws?  How can we stop it in our classrooms?

As many of you out there know, I am working hard to become Indiana’s next governor.  And as governor, I promise to fight and block HJR 6, to fight to repeal Indiana DOMA.  I will fight for the LGBT community, I will fight for all Hoosiers.  It’s time to stop the hate.   It’s time to stand for equality.  It’s time Indiana.  It’s our time.  Thank you.

Both Democratic candidate John Gregg and Republican candidate Mike Pence support a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriages and civil unions, as Bilerico reported.

Without taking an position on the “lesser of two evilism” arguments raging these days, I’m glad Rupert is in the race even though he probably has no chance.  He’s got a good message for Indianans to hear.

Rupert did an “ask me anything” session on Reddit yesterday, and will do another on November 4th.

Cleon Polifonte

Cleon Polifonte