Senate Democrats Prospective Improve in New England

In both Connecticut and Massachusetts the Democrats candidate for senate have seen their standings improve in the most recent polling. In the Bay State Elizabeth Warren now has a six point lead over incumbent Republican Scott Brown according to a new WBUR poll.

WBUR (10/21-22)
Elizabeth Warren 48%
Scott Brown 43%
Other 1%
DK/Undecided 7%
Refused 1%

This represents a huge improvement for Warren in WBUR’s polling. Their previous survey from the beginning of this month found Brown leading by four points. Now all recent polls of Massachusetts show Warren winning.

In addition Brown’s favorability rating has dropped significantly in the past few weeks. He is currently at 49 percent favorable to 38 percent unfavorable. While that is still a decent favorable rating only a few weeks ago it was 54/31. Previously Brown’s big favorable edge was helping to keep the race close despite Massachusetts democratic leanings, but now Brown’s and Warren’s favorable ratings are basically even.

In Connecticut, Democrat Chris Murphy has also seen solid improvement since earlier this month. According Quinnipiac, Murphy went from trailing Republican Linda McMahon by one point at the begin of October to now leading by six points.

Quinnipiac (10/19-22)
Chris Murphy 49%
Linda McMahon 43%
Someone else 1
DK/NA 7%

McMahon has heavily outspent Murphy and for awhile it helped keep the race close. It even forced the national Democratic party to inject money into the race, but now that we are getting close to the election Connecticut seem to be returning to its natural partisan voting patterns.


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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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