There was a presidential debate where the candidates actually discussed the important policy issues that the corporate Republican and Republican Lite parties– aka R & D parties– assiduously avoid because they don’t want you thinking about them. Issues like:

Do we really need to spend as much on “defense” as the next 19 largest countries in the world combined– mostly to protect tax dodging multinational oil companies with no allegiance to America? (Obama and Romney agree we do.) Should presidential candidates take millions in contributions/bribes from the very entities they are charged with regulating? (Obama and Romney are both more than happy to.) Is outright killing and indefinitely detaining even American citizens with no legal process or judicial oversight in direct violation of the Bill of Rights a good idea? (Obama and Romney both agree this is a good policy.) Is locking up more Americans for non-violent drug crimes than are held in Europe, with a similar population, for all reasons combined a good idea, and should we double and triple down on this failed and racist policy? (Obama and Romney are both completely convinced this is a good plan.) How do you feel about not only failing to prosecute the ringleaders of the largest systemic financial fraud in world history but rewarding the perps with multi-trillion dollar bailouts? Seem like a good idea? (Obama and Romney are both fine with this.) Or maybe protecting sadistic torturers and unapologetic war criminals unambiguously guilty of violating both international law and treaties we have signed and bound by our pledge to enforce? Is that good politics or complicity after the fact? (Obama and Romney vote good policy!)

I obviously could go on but we don’t need to put up with this dismal standard from our politicians. Doing so in fact makes we who support these policies by voting for the politicians and parties that promote them part of the problem.

We cannot fix any of this voting for Democrats and Republicans. They are both unapologetically and implacably opposed to fixing any of this. They are in fact the problem we must get past to fix any of these issues, most of which outright majorities of Americans agree they are wrong on. Lesser evils get us nowhere but into greater evil more slowly. This D & R thing, people, ain’t working.

Kurt Sperry

Kurt Sperry