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Over the last six months I’ve had the privilege of working for the New York based Working Families here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We had been doing some door to door work here in Western Pennsylvania working to oust and defeat a number of horrible Republican legislators (Aren’t they all?). There was, however, one problem: the democrats in the congressional races that I’m supporting are pro life and pro fracking. We’re not even sure they’re with us on all union related issues even though Working Families gets some of its funding from the SEIU. Those congressional reps are Larry Maggi and Mark Critiz. And don’t get me wrong every House Democrat is sacred if you want Pelosi and Hoyer to return to the helm. But it would be nice to support a pro choice and anti fracking Democratic Party candidate for congress.

As it turns out there is one (and only one) in Western Pennsylvania and her name is Missa Eaton. And I could knock on doors for her, which I would rather do, but I can’t do it without money.

However, I did create a 527 so I could do just that. We incorporated in Pennsylvania and its called The Greater Good Coalition. You need about 5 grand to hit about 10000 doors, with sticky door hangers. We can’t endorse Missa Eaton of course — I’m at least as non partisan as Karl Rove — but we can tell voters in her district that we support her. We actually agree with her on all of the issues. I should also point out, again, that she’s the onlypro choice anti fracking candidate running in Western Pennsylvania.

We need a minimum of 500 contributors giving at least 10 bucks to make this happen. I think we could hit about 10000 doors with that amount. I think I put a total of $45000 at my Chip In site. If we raised that within the next week (my fantasy) then we could hit about 90000 doors. Here’s what I haven’t figured out yet: where best to put those door hangers? Should we focus on super voters or just hit under performing areas? Can you gain a couple of points with 10000 to 40000 of just targeted door hangers? (Obviously I think you can but if Chris Bowers wants to run a before and after poll be my guest…) What should those door hangers say?

As for myself and expenses I can promise that 95 percent of the money will go toward door knocking. That might include things like vehicle rentals and the astronomical costs of gas. I haven’t figured out the exact costs (Would zipcar or rent a wreck be cheaper?) but I do know its doable even with my meager resources. The primary costs would go to the canvass staff. They would be paid 10 dollars an hour, minimum. There’s still time to do this. This isn’t a scam and all the money will be spent on what I say it will be spent on. That’s because I’m honest but more importantly I want to do this in the future. It would be nice to show some results.

I’m also an experienced canvasser and canvass director with at least 40000 doors under my belt. I’ve done every kind of canvassing conceivable, although this isn’t fundraising or voter ID. It’s mostly how many doors you can get to within a five to seven hour period.

So, any takers? I need a minimum of 500 people giving 10 dollars in order to hit at least 10000 doors. Every 5 Grand gets you 10000 doors. If not I’ll continue knocking on doors on behalf of only pro life pro fracking candidates. And I’ll be very depressed when I find out that the entirety of the Democratic Party’s house delegation opposes contraception for women or thinks that bosses should make that decision. Very depressed.

You can contribute here. I can still get it done if at least $5000 is raised by Oct. 29th. If I can raise it by tomorrow then I can start tomorrow.

Related: While Jane hasn’t returned my emails (I’m hoping that its nothing personal and that she’s, as usual, really really busy…) of course it would be great if Firedoglake could take this on as a project. I think if we were fully funded we could change the race. But I think even 10000 flyers might help and this might be a close race. It’s my gut feeling that it will be close because the republican incumbent is kind of an idiot and as Missa has pointed out there is a 12000 plus registration advantage for Democrats in the 3rd district. Hey if Firebaggers don’t support pro choice and anti fracking candidates then who will?

Steelydan3 (Philip Shropshire)

Steelydan3 (Philip Shropshire)

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