The third party debate sponsored by Free and Equal is on CSPAN-1 right now.  Shut out of the CPD’s debates, Jill Stein of the Green Party, Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party, Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party, and Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party are debating each other.

Topic 1:  The top-two primary that was recently passed in California and is on the ballot in Arizona:

Jill Stein:  Top Two throws all the candidates from all parties into one primary, and allows candidates to be dishonest about their party affiliation.  The candidates with the biggest budget win.  Green Party is in favor of many electoral reforms,  including campaign finance.

Rocky Anderson:  Top Two is attempt of duopoly to restrict choices.  Many issues avoided by Romney and Obama, including military spending.

Virgil Goode:  Big money (especially PACs) wins under Top Two.  It’s a state issue.

Gary Johnson:   Opposes Top Two, but it’s a state issue.  Romney or Obama will lead to increased police state and intervention abroad.  Medicare spending unsustainable.

Opening statements:

Jill Stein:  Everyday people need choice not paid for by Wall Street.  Jump-start green economy and end umeployment.  Destruction of civil liberties.   Climate in meltdown.

Rocky Anderson:  Millions have lost their homes.  Increased inequality.  US worst industrialized country on many health indicators.  Opposes NDAA.

Virgil Goode:  Different from Obama and Romney on balanced budget, near moratorium on green card admissions until unemployment below 5%, banning PACs, and term limits.

Gary Johnson:  Marriage equality.  Bring troops home from Afghanistan. Don’t bomb Iran.  End Drug War.  Repeal NDAA and Patriot Act. Submit balanced budget.

Topic 2:  War on Drugs:

Rocky Anderson:  End War on Drugs.  More Americans in prison for drug offenses than the entire prison population in Western Europe.   Pardon everyone who is arrested only for drug crime.

Virgil Goode:  Cut spending on War on Drugs.  Against legalization of drugs, including marijuana.  Should be mostly a state issue.

Gary Johnson:  Legalize marijuana now; should tax and regulate it.  Half of law enforcement budget is for War on Drugs.  Legalize hemp as well.

Jill Stein:  Marijuana is dangerous because it is illegal, not the other way around.  Health problems associated with marijuana are from drug trade.  Legalize hemp as well.

Topic 3:  Foreign policy and defense spending

Virgil Goode:  Favors strong defense, but opposes $2 trillion increase by Romney.  Bring troops home; don’t be world’s policeman.

Gary Johnson:  Favors strong defense.  Reduce military spending by 43% (2003 levels).  Stop interventions and drone strikes.  Picking winners and losers in foreign countries results in blowback.  End drone strikes.  Opposed Iraq from the start.  Should have left Afghanistan after first 6 months.

Jill Stein:  Cut budget and bring troops home.  End drones both here and abroad; should be treaty banning them.  Foreign policy should favor human rights.  Focus on fighting climate change.  Need formal of declaration of war.

Rocky Anderson:   Military spending should be focused on jobs, education, and climate change.  No wars of aggression.  Congress cannot delegate decision to go to war.

Topic 4:  College costs and federal support

Gary Johnson:  Subsidies are shielding universities from cost control.   Free things come at a big cost.

Jill Stein:  College is essential.  Need to bail out students rather than Wall Street.  Free public education.

Rocky Anderson:  Can’t afford not to send students to college.  Student debt should be discharged in the same way as other debt.

Virgil Goode:  Can’t afford to spend more on student aid.

Topic 5:  Civil liberties

Jill Stein:  Repeal NDAA indefinite detention, authorization to assassinate, FISA weakening, and Patriot Act.

Rocky Anderson:  Obama asked for rights of NDAA in 2009.  We’re on the road to tyranny.

Virgil Goode:  Agrees with Stein and Anderson.

Gary Johnson:  Best candidate in Democratic or Republican primaries according to ACLU.

Topic 6:  Constitutional amendment of choice

Rocky Anderson:  Equal rights by gender and sexual orientation

Virgil Goode:  Federal term limits of 6 to 12 years.  May need to grandfather for current Congresscritters.

Gary Johnson:  Federal term limits.  Glad to be term-limited as Governor.

Jill Stein:  Corporations are not people and money is not speech.

Closing statement

Virgil Goode:  Balanced budget, near moratorium on green card admissions until unemployment below 5%, banning PACs, and term limits.

Gary Johnson:   Should make immigration easier.  Wasted votes are on candidates that you don’t believe in.

Jill Stein:  90 million voters are sitting this election out.   Appeals to students.  Green New Deal will stop climate change.

Rocky Anderson:   Oppose military intervention.  Need to fight climate change.