Does John Boehner Still Despise Non-Smokers?

A 1994 memo contained in the tobacco archives, shows a campaign donation from the tobacco industry going to now Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) because Boehner, “a smoker himself, has nothing but disdain for the anti-smoking movement and its allies in Congress.”

Other interesting politicians on the list are:

Senator Mitch McConnell who received $1,000 because he was, “always willing to help when asked for assistance on our issue in the Senate and is an effective and articulate defender of the tobacco industry.”

Now deceased Floyd Spence who received a double-lung transplant in 1988 recieved a $500 donation because he was “a long time friend of the industry and especially helpful on smoking issues in the military in his capacity as ranking Republican on the House Armed Services Committee.”

This of course was many years ago, but it serves as a reminder of how money is poured into campaign coffers every election cycle by corporations whose only interest is every growing profits. Beginning in the late 1970’s, the tobacco industry heavily lobbied the US government as scientific evidence began piling up showing the links between smoking and cancer.

The tobacco archives is a massive document repository created after the US government sued major tobacco companies which eventually ended in a multi-billion dollar settlement.


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