The following ad is what you call brazen. It’s Romney accusing President Obama on going on an “apology tour” at the beginning of his presidency:

This claim that President Obama went on an “apology tour” (i.e. went to foreign countries and apologized for the past actions of America) has been pushed almost as many times as the 2nd gunman theory in the JFK assassination.

It has also been refuted time and time again.

CNN has refuted it. has refuted it continuously.

The Washington Post has refuted it.

Almost every legitimate news organization or pundit has said that President Obama did not go on any “apology tour.” Hell, the ad itself refutes the claim. All  it contains is Romney accusing Obama of going on an “apology tour.” There is no footage of Obama doing anything that he has been accused of.

So why does Romney keep repeating this lie?  Because he doesn’t give a damn. He wants to be president that bad.

It’s that simple. It’s a dog whistle to the extreme. Just look on the youtube page featuring the ad.  The following is a reply I received when I questioned the ad:

Israel is our closest Allie and Obama is meeting other countries and not Israel??? Hmmmm something is up. Kissing the Muslims ass is what Obama was doing

That’s the caliber of person Romney is attempting to fire up and attract.  And it trivializes every reason why he is running for President. And it calls to question his Mormon faith.

That’s right, I said it. And don’t count on me taking it back. How in the world can Romney even talk about his Mormon faith – or any faith for that matter – when he is running a blatantly dishonest ad against Obama? Action always speaks louder than words and based upon his decision to run this ad, Romney seems to consider his Mormon faith as something he can switch on and off as easily as a light switch.

But what gets my goat (more than the blaise way the news media seems to be allowing Romney to get away with this) is how certain Romney supporters have conveniently looked the other way.

You know who I am talking about – the religious right or the so-called Christian right. You know them. They are the ones always with the Helen Lovejoy act of screeching  “oh won’t someone think of the children.”

They are the ones to whom every election is a battle between good and evil which rivals the final Biblical battle of Armageddon, with them of course on the side of the angels.

From Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council, to Billy Graham (who many believe is being manipulated by his son, Franklin), to Gary Bauer, to Bryan Fischer and the American Family Association and so on, these folks seem to be taking a convenient powder as Romney pushes what can only be described as a venomous lie against President Obama.

I have heard so many pronouncements of doom from these people about what would happen if Obama is re-elected that I can recite almost all of them by heart.  But what does it say about their claims and them if they, supposedly the guardians of morality, will not check lies done by Romney, whom many of them support.

What happened to the values and so-called Christian heritage of this country that they are supposed to be protecting? I sincerely doubt that one of them has privately spoken to Romney and said something to the effect of  “listen, I still support you but what you are saying here is a lie. And you can’t spread God’s word through lies.”

But really why should anyone be surprised? All of their talk about values and standing up for morality is a lie. To them, faith has nothing to do with enduring through the hard times by a simple trust in God, but rather a commodity which will give them power and status.

Morality to them is not doing the right thing even when it’s difficult, but rather a word they wield like a bouncer in a club whose job is to keep out the so-called undesirables.

The “apology tour” is a crude ploy by Romney to appeal to prejudices without getting his hand dirty. And the convenient silence of the Christian right as he does it speaks more than any soundbite they ever make about love of country and God.


Alvin McEwen

Alvin McEwen