Romney’s ex-sister-in-law exploits Libyan tragedy with a vulgar picture of deceased ambassador

This is what you call taking it too damn far.

From Talking Points Memo:

I guess this is what happens late in the tight presidential race. Ronna Romney is the ex-sister-in-law of Mitt Romney. She’s apparently remained close to the Romney family. She has a minor role in the Romney campaign in Florida and has recently appeared at campaign events in Michigan with her daughter.

Earlier this afternoon she posted these grotesque images of the mangled body of the late Ambassador Chris Stevens with the words “Obama killed him” surrounded by dripping blood.

You can see her Facebook page here.

Talking Points Memo saved a copy of what she did.  My apologies for all of those who see this. Let me just say that what happened to Ambassador Stevens and others was a tragedy and the families need closure.

But this was the WRONG DAMN thing to do!  I wish people wouldn’t politicize this issue and definitely wish Ronna Romney would have used some discernment and common sense before creating such a nasty picture:


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