Debate Night Boca

Test undertaken earlier today. (photo: thw05 / flickr)

Tonight’s the last debate, Foreign Policy, hosted by CBS’ Bob Schieffer down in Boca Raton, Florida.

Lookout Obama, there’s a report that RomneyLabs has created a ‘Doomsday Zinger’:

BELMONT, MA—In preparation for tonight’s third and final presidential debate, the microbiologists, chemists, and physicists employed at RomneyLabs confirmed Monday that they had completed their work on the “Doomsday Zinger,” an extremely radioactive quip capable of shifting the momentum of any debate, regardless of who is winning.

According to an official statement released by RomneyLabs—a 19,000-square-foot research facility located in the hills of Belmont, MA and dedicated to nuclear campaign science—lab technicians have been hard at work devising the Doomsday Zinger for the past four years, and it will be “the most decisive and catastrophic zinger” ever used against President Barack Obama.

If verbal launch is successful, sources said, the one-liner could eradicate the entire Obama campaign in .03 seconds.

Unfortunately Eli is unable to be with us tonight, but we’ll soldier on regardless, right Buzz!? Drinking game anyone? I don’t recommend using Benghazi or Libya, too dangerous. Although you’ll probably be quite sober if you picked the phrase “Hong Kong Fundraiser” on which to chug.

Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!


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