Dead Breitbart Pecking Party

Unsurprisingly the gang of idiots and otherwise unemployables at Breitbart World Headquarters are at each others throats and flailing around more than usual less than a year after Andrew played stop, drop, and fibrillate wildly on a Brentwood sidewalk:

Without Breitbart’s larger-than-life persona holding it together, fault lines quickly began to form on staff. Solov, Pollak and a few others run the company from an office in L.A., but the site’s contributors are spread across the country — and many complain that the editors are all but impossible to reach.

E-mails and phone calls go unreturned for days, two sources said, and the people at the top of the masthead are so unresponsive that one employee sent a notarized letter to inform Pollak he was quitting.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Pollak dismissed the claims that he’s unreachable as “not accurate,” and said he reads every one of the 200 to 300 emails he gets daily.

But prominent conservatives, reluctant to criticize an ideological ally, also privately shake their heads at the site’s management.

“They don’t even know how to do basic stuff, like, what a lede is. Like, maybe you should inform your readers in the first paragraph what your story is about,” said a high-profile conservative journalist who works for another outlet. “I think most of the criticism they get is ideological in nature, from liberals. But the real critique is on a much more basic, practical level.”

Staffers who talked to BuzzFeed were willing to give the benefit of the doubt to Solov, a Breitbart loyalist who one person described as “a good guy [who] just has no idea what water he’s swimming in.” The staff reserves blame for Pollak and Bannon, who are viewed by some internally as opportunists parleying their position into personal prestige in Republican circles.

Complained one staffer: “It has nothing to do with what Andrew stood for. I don’t think he would even read the site or like it. I think he would detest what it’s become.”

The earlier C-listers like the Virgin Ben Shapiro (who has a radio gig now and seems to have lost interest in blogging…again) and I Cover The Waterfront blogger Dana Loesch (who reportedly felt up Tucker Carlson for a Daily Caller gig, which would have made Mathew Boyle the second stupidest person on staff) are fading away and the ragged remnants and F-listers have come to the fore and it’s … boring over there now. I barely bother to even look anymore; it’s just John Nolte writing, as one staffer put it, “… same post for three years”, and now making fun of the Not So Breit Barts is like going to the Special Olympics to heckle.

But we can expect an implosion in the very near future:

One pressing consequence of the company’s organizational challenges: Questions from inside the organization about how the finances are being handled. Shortly before Breitbart’s death, Bannon helped bring in $10 million in capital, which was meant to fund the site’s relaunch and expand its staff. But when Breitbart died, he left a wife and four young children who could benefit from a financial return — and two sources familiar with the situation say the widow has been asking about the money.

To say nothing of Shirley Sherrod’s lawsuit against the Breitbart estate.

As they say… pass the popcorn.

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