Why Do We Keep Beating the Same Dead Horse?

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Another election is upon us, where in we choose who is to head the country. The overall outcome is generally the same. We live in a hierarchical system where those in charge have as there primary concern to maintain this hierarchy and keep those at the top – at the top. Call it what you wish but he general agenda is to maintain this structure.Representative democracy, parliamentary democracy, dictatorship, feudal society….whatever.

In October of 1962 the United States and the Soviet Union were willing to destroy most of the planet to keep their version of this from being conquered by those of the the other version. The other version of course putting different people on top. Generally those just below the top since rarely – it ever – have those on or near the bottom been truly considered for an place other than where they are.

So why do we insist on having a society set up in this manner ? Well lets just see the characteristics of it.

One might think that ditching this system to be utopian. However there have been are are vast number of groups and societies that are non-hierarchical. In fact the first type of group outside our family that we become a part of is non-hierarchical and base on mutual aid cooperation. The kids we played with even when at school. Then there are the 12 Step groups – AA, OA, NA…etc. Native American tribes. In fact nearly all tribal cultures are based on this concept. A lot of clubs and other organization are set up this way.

So why to we as humans insist on organizing our selves in this hierarchical manner ? I think primarily because it is easy. It requires little mental effort and little if any commitment and little if any responsibility and little if any accountability. Which makes if comfortable and attractive.

But these kinds of social systems have another characteristic. They are inherently self destructive. Through out history non have survived and most have laid waste to the planet in so way to maintain themselves. They are also very, very self centered.

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