Alicia Silverstone is an unemployed vegan, Britney Murphy is…well, dead, and Stacey Dash endorsed Mitt Romney on Twitter.

There’s no secret handshake that requires black people to vote for Barack Obama, but seriously, Mitt Romney?

Whoopi Goldberg defended Dash against the backlash that ensued:

“In America, where we all live,” Goldberg said, “we have the right to say, ‘Listen, I have a different opinion’ — without having some bonehead sitting in their house talking about, ‘You should be thinking like I think.’ No! That’s not America.”

Mychal Denzel Smith says “her endorsement of Romney for president is the most noteworthy thing on her resume in more than a decade.”

But there have to be easier ways to revive a career.  A drug habit and a stint in some posh rehab seem a whole lot easier.

Well, at least she’ll never have to be on The Bachelor.

Cleon Polifonte

Cleon Polifonte