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SNL Spoofs the 2nd Presidential Debate

Jason Sudekis’ brought his eerily evocative Mitt Romney impression to a send-up of the 2nd Presidential debate while Jay Pharoah continues his inheritance of the Barack Obama role from Fred Armisen.  New cast member Aidy Bryant appeared as moderator Candy Crowley.

On the whole, the SNL sketch was less of a pissy preteen slap-fest than the actual debate.

Stand-out moment: Tagg Romney’s weenie rich-kid threat to “take a swing” at the President.  Which, on the whole, was more macho than Tagg’s actual rant.

Speaking of SNL — will anyone be surprised 10 years from now if Victoria Jackson confesses her whole political schtick has been an elaborate performance art piece?

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Cleon Polifonte

Cleon Polifonte