“Issue Validator”: That’s the term coined by Firedoglake for groups that bless bad administration policies through action or inaction to quell public outcry.

Here’s an example from the days of the Obamacare legislative fights:

One of the things that made a fight for a public option possible was because there were no “veal pen” validators occupying the health care space.  Nobody knows who HCAN is.  The White House tried to press the unions and other veal pen groups into service but progressives standing there ready to shoot on sight made everyone else back away for fear of losing their own credibility.

People think the “veal pen” phenomenon is insignificant, but it’s not.  The abortion fight — like the environmental fight — is extremely difficult to wage online, because you can’t activate those who care about the issue if the “brand names,” the issue validators, are telling them everything is fine either by action or inaction.

Here’s another example from when a liberal White House advisor was driven out by a Glenn Beck smear campaign:

They are the institutional liberal validators who telegraph to liberals that there are problems, that things are happening that are not good for them.  They are trusted to decode the byzantine rituals of government and let the public know when their interests are not being served, that it’s time to pay attention and start making a racket.  When they fail to perform that task, the public is left with a vague feeling of anxiety, intuitively understanding that something is wrong but not knowing who or what to blame.

Now compare with this statement by POGO’s Angela Canterbury about the recent White House policy directive regarding national security whistleblower “protections”:

We have repeatedly urged that anti-leak efforts include authentic protections for those who make lawful disclosures of wrongdoing in the intelligence community. With the stroke of his pen today, President Obama did just that and took unparalleled action to protect whistleblowers, for which we are truly gratified and grateful.

Here are some different reactions about this policy directive:

The ties between POGO and the Obama administration are not a secret. If POGO wants to be a cheerleader for the president, that’s their prerogative. But their power in being an “issue validator” comes from exploiting the public’s ignorance of the gap between their rhetoric and reality.

Don’t give them that power. Educate yourselves about POGO’s ways and motives in the whistleblowing space.

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