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Another Sunday Frolic…

Another Sunday Frolic:  The Mexican Stand-Off Versus the Yaqui Indian Stand-Off


As we are all well aware of and for what is the current cultural affliction that defines the Mexican Stand-off and where a gun is taken to knife fight.  In contrast, is the incomparable DNA-defined Yaqui Stand-Off. Therefore, permit me to explain with a tad of simplification.


To wit, upon our death, our Spirit is carried into the Great Beyond and transported forward and upward on the wings of a butterfly.  As such, we will enter the Dark Light and further, we will encounter the Bright Light that animates the Great Spirit.  And while ‘working in this Bright Light, each of us will commence the task for our physicality of this Spiritual Awakening and leading to our return to this planet, and once again and famously known as the Art of Becoming or the Great Recycling.  Of course, many persons of non-Yaqui distinction would and will call this behavior “reincarnation.”


Of course, our ‘goal’ is predicated on the Great Love that embodies the elimination of “dirty” dirt, “dirty” water and “dirty” air.  As such, our 50,000 year history of the Yaqui Stand-Off is environmental, for all intent and purpose.  Consequently, integration of the Spiritual and the Physical is the Human Nexus for this Greater Love.





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