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Marist: Obama Still Leads in Iowa and Wisconsin

(photo: Obama For America / flickr)

If President Obama can hold on to Ohio, where he is currently favored to win, he only needs to capture one or two other swing states to get to 270 Electoral College votes. It appears one of the most likely combinations would be for Obama to win maybe Iowa and Wisconsin. A new set of NBC News/WSJ/Marist polls show Obama holds a solid lead in both states.

Marist (10/15-17)
Barack Obama 51%
Mitt Romney 43%
Other 2%
Undecided 4%

Marist (10/15-17)
Barack Obama 51%
Mitt Romney 45%
Other 1%
Undecided 3%

In both states Obama’s lead is basically the same since a month ago when Marist last polled the states. In late September Obama led by five in Wisconsin and by eight in Iowa. On the issue of who would handle the economy better, in both states the candidates are basically tied but when it comes to foreign policy Obama holds a big advantage.

If Obama only wins the three Midwest swing states, Iowa, Wisconsin and Ohio, that would give him 271 electoral votes. A narrow victory but a victory all the same.

The other good news for Democrats is that in the Wisconsin Senate race Tammy Baldwin is currently polling at 49 percent while Republican Tommy Thompson is at 45 percent.

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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