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Gallup: Obama Seen as Having Won Second Debate

There is more confirmation that voters believe President Obama did a better job in the second debate than Mitt Romney. In addition to the instant flash polls from the night of the debate showing Obama won, Gallup is out with a new poll taken during the two days following the debate. It found a small majority of Americans think Obama won the second debate. From Gallup:

Views of Who Did Better Job in Presidential Debates

Not surprisingly, most Democrats think Obama did a better job in the second debate and most Republicans think their candidate did a better job. The important thing is that Obama was seen as having won the debate by Independents. According to Gallup, 54 percent of Independents think Obama did a better job of the two candidates in the debate while only 33 percent think Romney won.

Obama won the second debate but did not dominate it like Romney did in the first debate. We will need to wait a few more days to see if winning the second debate improves Obama standing in the polls, but early indications are that at most the impact will be small.

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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