When people do the right thing for the right reason they should be rewarded.

That’s especially true when it comes to politicians because if they aren’t rewarded by voters for good behaviour they’ll likely end up being rewarded by big oil, coal and health insurance companies for not-so-good behaviour.

Both “clean coal” Obama and “climate science questionable” Romney have decided to ignore the massive wildfires that hit the midwest only a few months ago and the unprecedented droughts that have left US farmers without crops to sell.

Both the men running for the Oval Office have ignored climate change during this election and with that ignore what science is telling us is a disaster already unfolding on a global scale. With more per-capita emissions of global warming pollution than any other country we need real leadership on the issue of climate change – we need climate heroes.

Fortunately, outside of the two presidential candidates there are people running for office in 2012 that are brave enough to stand up and say they will lead on the issue of climate change. 

These candidates needs to be sent a message by their supporters. These climate heroes need to know that their courage to stand up and lead against the big oil and coal companies that are using our atmosphere as a free dumping ground is not going unnoticed.

That’s why today, Tuesday, Oct. 16th, is the Climate Heroes Money Bomb, supporting politicians like Jay Inslee running for Governor in Washington state and Tammy Baldwin running for Senate in Wisconsin.

You can see all the candidates this money bomb will be going to here and as you can see many of them are in very tight races. The time is now. Join the Climate Heroes Money Bomb.

And if you don’t have money to give then give some time by sharing this post or the Climate Heroes Moneybomb page with everyone you know – email them, Facebook them, tweet it, blog it — send up a bat signal. Whatever!

It all helps tell these great candidates that we have their backs.

Kevin Grandia

Kevin Grandia