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Aaannnd we’re back! Town hall style! Will the rematch be any different from the opener? Will Obama emulate Joe Biden’s strategy of laughing maniacally at all of his debate opponent’s whoppers, or at least, y’know, mention it whenever Romney says something full of, ahem, malarkey?  Or will he follow nominal Democrat Lanny Davis’s sage advice to just continue nodding at everything Mitt says?

Presumably he’ll be somewhere in between, unless he ingests a lethal dose of caffeine before he goes onstage.  Regardless of affect, he really does have to call Mitt every time he lies or flip-flops – if he lets him trot out the Obama-cut-$716-billion-from-Medicare unchallenged another six times, I’m going to have to start drinking.  And I don’t even like Obama.

Also, can someone tell me when it was that Candy Crowley turned into Helen Thomas?  Because all these stories I’m seeing about what a courageous rogue journalist she is seem like they’re from a parallel universe.  But hey, if Heroic Earth-Two Candy Crowley is the one that’s moderating, then I’m all for it.  Maybe we can import their campaign finance system too.