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UPDATED: I see yet another “Dead Person” – Jill Stein failing to degrade the stranglehold of the D/R duopoly.

UPDATE: I’m afraid that some people may mistake my cutesy “dead person” analogy. My analogy is that I am like the little kid that saw “dead people”, that nobody else saw, and the “dead people” are untried/unused strategies and tactics that are obvious to me, but apparently not obvious to everybody else.

In particular, I’m not suggesting that Jill Stein is a “dead person”. Unfortunately, if she doesn’t go about things smarter, then her campaign will have the long term benefit of a “dead person’s” campaign.

In recent diaries and comments, I have criticized Jill Stein, her campaign and the Greens, for failing to
a) articulate an explicit, publicly available strategic roadmap which lays out stepping stones to Growing the Green Party. I have pointed out that such a thoughtful document would motivate people like me to vote for her, as a short term step in aiding a long term goal.
b) failing to leverage the Stein campaign to grow the Green Party, on par with the unlikely short term goal of winning the Presidential election
c) failing to exploit the highly emotional issue of GMO’s; in particular, the very recent French results that showed horribly tumored rats
d) failing to use what resources she does have – i.e., her base – to inject GP friendly memes into a large percent of the public, via pamphleting public schools; My first choice was the GMO’d rats, but I’d actually be excited to see ANY meme of her campaign’s choice used, and even offered to participate in their distribution, were she to endorse the tactic

I’ve tried to contact her campaign through her website, and got no response. I also (over the weekend) sent an email to her campaign manager, and got no response. (BTW, best practice is to send a cheery auto-response, saying “we got your message” and “thanks!”. If you want to lose volunteers and dash enthusiasm, not even bothering with an auto-response is a good way to do it.)

I’m now going to mention yet another “dead person” that I readily see, but that nobody else writes about; hence, I assume that they don’t see this “dead person”, either. If anybody has an audience with Stein, feel free to pass this diary, along. I don’t seem able to.

One of the standard comments, as part of rejections, to 3rd party enthusiasts is that the D’s and R’s are the only game in town. 3rd party candidates only rarely win.

However, an “Olympics Gold Medal” analogy is not one we should bow down to. A better analogy is “guerrilla warfare”. We are out-gunned (out-dollared), but we have determination that the occupier does not. We don’t have to win major set-piece battles – can’t really even fight major battles. But what we can do is practice asymmetrical warfare, be resourceful, “hit and run”, etc, etc.

Jill Stein could be using her campaign to recruit people into anti-Voting blocs, that involve intervening in D/R primaries (starting in the next election cycle), to vote against incumbents. In an off-Presidential election year, this amounts to about 1 OUT OF 15 ELIGIBLE VOTERS being all that you need to radically affect the course of politics in the US. I.e., if you amassed such a relatively small, but coordinated electoral army, you’d probably fire about half the incumbents, and put the fear of God in the rest of them. For those of you paying attention, re-election of incumbents in the US is close to a sure thing – about 85-90% of D/R Congress critters get re-elected, no matter that their approval ratings are collectively in the 10-15% range. It’s no wonder why they pay more attention to their party insiders and big dollar donors than to us little people.

Americans who are SICK, SICK, SICK of the D/R stranglehold on American politics could be recruited into such voting blocs, EVEN IF THEY’RE NOT INTERESTED IN VOTING GREEN IN A GENERAL ELECTION. OF COURSE, IF AMERICANS DISCOVER THAT THEY ACTUALLY HAVE IT WELL WITHIN THEIR REACH TO RADICALLY SHAKE UP THE STATUS QUO, THEN THEY WILL BE MORE MENTALLY FREE TO CONSIDER VOTING GREEN IN A GENERAL ELECTION. So, Stein could get a 2-fer by pursuing such a strategy – degrade the strength and efficiency of D’s and R’s, and plant freeing memes into the electorate’s collective mind, which will make tipping them into 3rd Party voter behavior in a general election, that much more likely.

I have come to expect very little in the way of strategic or tactical smarts from progressives and populists. Sadly, Jill Stein is no exception. As alway, I welcome her to surprise me, and show me wrong.

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