Pull Up Your Cat

Hello Kaji Konekos! Welcome to another Pull Up Your Cat. It’s Caturday here so like the Egyptians, I’m gonna write on the walls and worship cats. (hat tip to demi for that) Been a normal week around here. Kuroneko found a mouse living under the stove so she woke me up with a scrit-scrit-scritching sound on Thursday, which turned out to be her trying to get the mousie out of my shoe. Well I didn’t want one in my shoe either so I dumped it out for her and she was off to the races again. Later I heard the meowing that always indicates li’l mousie had gotten away. Yesterday, she caught it again but this time her lunge had killed the poor thing. She came into the bedroom for her praise and then proceeded to enjoy her lunch. Not wanting to see, (or hear), any of that, I went into the living room to watch Ben Kingley as Gandhi. Much better than witnessing a mouse lunch! Bye-bye mousie. At least it will be quieter around here until one of his relatives move in.

Poor SouthernDragon is ill and possibly still in the VA hospital. He says he’s going to be alright, (through our OmAli, thanks Om!), and he’s got somebody looking after his clowder of kittehs. I’ll bet they swarm the poor man when he gets home! Please join me in wishing him a speedy recovery.
Please see OmAli’s comment below @8 for an update on SouthernDragon. I can’t write it out myself but I thank OmAli for the news. I hope you’ll join me in keeping our SD in our thoughts. Good luck Richard. We all love you so much!

Now, on to this week’s photos!

First, the Kuroneko picture of the week. Here is Miss Regal, denying me permission to finish making my her bed. I may do it when she says I may do it and not before!

Obligatory cute kitten picture. Kittehs can read! via Lolcats

Please enjoy this kitteh video from the Stray Cats. An oldie but a classic and a staple for Caturday posts everywhere.

I hope everybody has a wonderful week ahead and especially hoping for a fast and complete recovery for the Dragon man. Please remember to set aside some time to spend with the animal(s) that share your life. They deserve it and so do you.

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