Gaius Publius has put together a list of the Democratic Senators who have not signed the letter to President Obama demanding he preserve Social Security.

LINK HERE.  The title of his/her essay is: These Democratic Senators Won’t Say No To Social Security Cuts.

My own Senators, Schumer and Gillibrand, from the State of New York have signed this letter which was written by the Independent Senator, Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

Have your Senators signed???  This is the letter which 29 Senators signed. A List of Your Senators and Their Contact email addresses are HERE.

Campaign For America also has a petition to legislators HERE.

Gaius Publius has a second goal for the negative space of the lame duck session:

Let the Bush-Obama-Tax-Cuts expire!  That is a great idea.

Update: “Still no straight answers on Social Security.” written by Tim Price of the Next New Deal.