Ralph Begleiter

Voters in Delaware will be choosing from a full slate of statewide candidates on November 6. On the ballot are candidates for U.S. Senate, the at-large U.S. House seat, Governor, and Lieutenant Governor. On Tuesday and Wednesday the University of Delaware’s Center for Political Communication will be sponsoring a pair of debates at its Newark campus. However, don’t expect to hear from all the ballot-listed candidates. Only candidates who have managed to jump through the hoops rigged by Director Ralph Begleiter will be participating. Ballot candidates of the Green Party and Libertarian Party have been excluded, insuring that the voting public will ONLY hear from the corporate-sponsored candidates of the Demopublican Party.

It should be noted that there are other debates on the Delaware campaign calendar in which all candidates are welcome to participate. It is only at the University of Delaware debates where eligible candidates are excluded because of a perverse interpretation of democracy.

Ralph Begleiter is not the only person exercising corporate censorship of election process in Delaware. The Gannet-owned New Journal, the only daily newspaper in the state, asked all ballot candidates a series of questions of the ‘Are we better off?’ nature. It chose to publish only the responses of the Demopublican candidates. Green Party U.S. Senate candidate Andrew Groff comments:

Why did you not publish any of the responses from the Libertarians, Greens, or Independent party candidates? Is the space on the internet too confined to print our replies? Why did you have us fill out your silly questionnaire when you had no intention of publishing our replies? Apparently there is no journalistic integrity remaining at the News Journal. READERS BEWARE, YOU ARE NOT GETTING SERVED FAIRLY BY THIS MEDIA OUTLET!

Like the first presidential debate, where the Green Party and Constitution Party candidates were heard only on the DemocracyNow! version of the debates, Delaware for Inclusive Debates will be conduction The Real Debate outside the doors of Newark’s Mitchell Hall.

Unless the excluded 3rd party candidates are allowed to participate in the Delaware Debates at UD, there will be an alternate debate held outside at which the excluded candidates will offer their responses to questions from the debate and answer questions from the assembled crowd.

Please join us and add your voice to this protest. Third Parties deserve the right to address voters and make their case as much as the candidates from the entrenched duopoly do.

Ralph Begleiter is the Director of the Center for Political Communication. You can communicate with him at
Direct: 302.831.7771