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The Nobel Class War Prize [Update on Jagland]

The Norwegian elite (not Swedish, thanks normanb) and upper classes awarded the EU the Nobel Peace Prize for its austerity crusade, the economic war it is waging on its people. Why not, who or what is holding the rich, Norwegian or otherwise, back or to account these days? So, the War Prize (given to Obama) is now the Class War Prize, because right now class war and not imperial war is where the rich want a propaganda boost.

As Max Keiser says in an RT video, the EU got the prize because of what it is these days:

The EU is a technocracy … joined with the banking establishment to suck wealth from all of the citizens of the EU and send it to Brussels, and send it to the banksters, and send it to the World Bank and … the troika.

The EU is doing its job for the rich, and Norway’s wealthy elite wanted to recognize that and cheer it on. The World War II thing? A laughable pretense 75 years after the end of that war. And what is Europe doing now other than making economic war on Greece and Spain and eventually the rest of the EU’s working and middle class citizens?

Keiser suggests that next year the IMF’s ‘no alternative to cuts’ Christine Lagarde will get the prize. Yup, sounds about right. ;-<

UPDATE: The purpose of the award is fairly explicit at this point. Note the headlines of the mainstream media (i.e., the media sponsored by the economic elite): CNN’s “Peace Prize is a slap on the back for a struggling European Union” or the NY Times’ “Nobel Peace Prize for European Union, Mired in Crisis” for example. Making things crystal clear is the perspective of Mr. Jagland (thanks for the tip Juliania) …

Thorbjoern Jagland, the head of the Norwegian Nobel Committee which on Friday awarded its Peace Prize to the EU, is a fervent supporter of the bloc who stands out in a Norway stubbornly opposed to joining the group.

… “I am in favour of the EU,” Jagland, who also heads the Council of Europe, told AFP in an interview last year.

“The current difficulties show that we need a strong EU. I cannot see how the states could have handled the financial crisis in a more efficient way on their own, outside the EU framework,” he said.

Applauding how the EU has carried out the austerity crusade against Europe’s people and in favor of international banks and the ‘investing class’?! I rest my case. It’s a Class War Prize all the way.

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