On September 8th, 2011, President Obama proposed the American Jobs Act.  It was a crappy bill, with a tiny target for jobs, mostly to be “gained” via the continued magic of more and more tax cuts, but it did contain an extension of federal unemployment benefits, the “Emergency Unemployment Compensation” of 2008, although the Extended Benefits for the hardest-hit states were pretty much eliminated.

Now, we’re in the middle of an election campaign, and millions of Americans are still unemployed. (Raises hand.)  Unemployment may be “down” to 7.8% in the headline U-3 category (not counting the broader measures available, and ignoring how the BLS’s vastly-accelerated policy of redefining millions of Americans out of the workforce has has made the numbers look better), but it will still almost certainly finish over 8% for the fourth consecutive year.  Prior to Obama, unemployment had never been over 8% for even THREE consecutive years.  (Reagan had a really bad 1981-1982, but while he claimed not to care if somebody in “South Succotash” was unemployed, he got the rate down to 7.5% by 1983.)

And yet…even with re-election on the line, this “Democratic” President of ours has not proposed any jobs bills, despite it now being over a month closer to year-end than when he proposed the AJA last year..  Nor has he even called for the extension of unemployment benefits, which means that thousands, perhaps millions, of Americans who still have eligibility on their claims will lose what could be their sole income, months ahead of schedule.  (Raises hand, again.)  Nor, obviously, have any of his fellow assholes, er, “Democrats” in Congress.

Never in our history have federal unemployment benefits not been offered when UI stands at 7.2% or above.  Until Barack Obama, the Most Effective Evil this country has ever, foolishly, elected.

Fuck you, asshole.  “Party of the people”, my eye.  Your party is as dead as I’m going to be (soon enough).  I only regret that I won’t live to see you become the laughingstock you deserve to be.

Vote Socialist

Vote Socialist