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Obama – What does he know and when did he know it ?

There is an old adage concerning presidential races. That it’s difficult to challenge an incumbent since they are privy to information that they alone know. That the challenger does not know and will not know until and unless he becomes president.

This is only true if the divulging of this information does not have a sever negative impact on the country as whole or that the president believes that it will.

My father died of a brain hemorrhage when I was 14. We were in Miami at the time and my parents were about to sign on a house in Coral Gables. The decision made by my father to move from Ohio – which he dearly loved and where is family was – to Florida came as a complete shock to everyone. Especially since he was not known for out of the blue behavior. However he never gave any reason for this action. Only a number of years after his death did my mother confide to us that he had said he was sick. But even to her, he never gave any details nor did he say specifically how sick he was.

Though I suspected all along that there was a hell of a lot more to it than that. It was not until I had made a long over do visit to my cousin in North Carolina when I was in my late 50s that I learned how truly sick he was and that he knew as well but said nothing to us or my cousin’s family except his mother. That he had been into Cleveland and had some special test done after which he went to his mother’s room in my cousin’s house and spent over an hour talking with her. We he died and my aunt went up to tell my grandmother the news, her reaction was surprising as she her self was not surprised.

We could only guess that his decision to move to Florida was to make it easier for us – his family – to carry on when he did pass, which he had to know would be soon. Though it was obviously sooner than he expected. That he had decided to with hold the information he had to keep my mother in particular from going off the deep end and possibly causing more problems that it would have solved. My father was a very, very practical person. He would get angry when ever any of us questioned anything about his decision, like it was our fault that we did not know what he was unwilling to divulge.

I have had this feeling with Obama and especially with those close in to his administration. I am not fond of Obama in the least but do not see him as the evil incarnate that some do even here. And I am no conspiracy nut either having inherited my father’s pragmatism. But from the time he actually took office and maybe just after his election something did not feel right.

Romney is a lier and salesman just like Bill Clinton. I would say the only real difference is that Romney does not play sax. Pity. Both both are very good selling you anything. You really do want to believe that the old beat up Hudson they want to sell you is a steal at any price.

Bush was also a lier but very bad at it. There were a few times when he was lucid and clear. The first was right after he took office and said that economy was in the dumper. I thought this an odd thing for a newly elected president to say regardless of his agenda. The other time I remember was when the crisis was happening and he had announced it on the media. His whole demeanor was different. Not the cooky arrogant Bush we came to know but one who at least appeared to be really concerned about the situation.

Obama is not a good salesman. He is a very good speaker and as we have seen in that past can speak passionately about that which he believes in. However we have also seen that he has a very difficult time doing so when he does not believe. We saw that in the first debate. We have seen it before. We also saw – if we were paying attention – this his whole attitude, his whole agenda, his entire program changed after he had been elected. After he had been complete briefed. After the crisis of 2008.

It was not long after he took office that the topic of the crisis itself began to disappear from his conversation and speeches. That the biggest crisis since the depression of the 1930s became a non-issue be replaced by health care over haul and Afghanistan and Iraq and other items. When economists of all flavors were saying that the course that was being set was wrong and got nothing but derision for their trouble With Rahm Emanuel calling them stupid and other things. Like they were lame for not knowing what the administration knew or believed but refused to divulge.

The word that came out of the White House was they did not know how bad the situation was. This I do believe was a lie. That they knew very well how bad the situation was and they still know how bad the situation still is. But they refuse to admit it to anyone. That there is a belief that if the White House came clean on how truly bad the economy is and shaky it is that it would cause a panic that would bring the whole thing down at once.

And his is the kicker. That Obama and the White House also believe that they is no way they or anyone else can fix it and the best they can do is let it down as easy as they can.

And there are others who believe this is the case as well.

Our economic and political system is in collapse and there’s no way to fix it from inside the system.

It’s a systemic crisis. The systems we rely upon aren’t viable.

They haven’t been for a long time. Every year we are worse off than the year before.

A political fix, switch, or reform isn’t going to do the job.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that we didn’t see a wholesale collapse in 2008. When people lost faith in the financial sector. What prevented it? At first, it was the US government’s ongoing bailout of the financial sector’s gambling debts.

Since then, it has been the ability of the US government to spend enough to keep 41% of the economy afloat.

As long as the US government continues to borrow at those levels, we’ll avoid a sudden economic collapse like Greece and Spain.

However, this spending won’t fix the system. Far from it. We’ll still be in a slow and steady collapse. – Resilient Communities

This I do believe the Administration knows or believes to be true but nobody dares say one word about it. Obama is not stupid nor is he inattentive. Far from it. Is he trying to prop up the economy ? Well if that’s the case, he’s doing a really bad job of it. No I think he is just trying to let it down easy as possible.

And whoever becomes president will be briefed on this as well. If it is Romney he may or may not accept it.

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