Preserve Marriage Washington Sidelines Ken Hutcherson, Imports Harry Jackson To Play “Homophobic Black Pastor”

Bishop Harry Jackson, anti-gay pastor imported from Maryland

Hear that silence? That’s Pastor Ken Hutcherson not speaking against the freedom-to-marry-affirming Referendum 74 because Preserve Marriage Washington burned its bridges with him and most of Washington’s anti-gay luminaries when they seized control of the issue from the locals back in February.

As a result PMW, the local arm of the Washington, D.C.-based National Organization for Marriage (NOM), is having to reach clear across the nation to Maryland to tap Bishop Harry Jackson to play the Homophobic Black Pastor role usually filled by Hutcherson in Washington. Jackson is a NOM insider paid to help NOM drive a wedge between gays and blacks.

The title of today’s post on PMW’s blog speaks volumes beyond its literal meaning: Bishop Harry Jackson Speaks Out Against Same-Sex Marriage. NOM didn’t just bring its name to Washington state, it brought its entourage and vetted speakers list.

NOM has placed other employees and close affiliates in key leadership roles at Preserve Marriage Washington. PMW’s Campaign Manager Frank Schubert is NOM’s National Political Director; PMW’s Deputy Campaign Manager Chris Plante is Executive Director of NOM Rhode Island; and PMW’s Communications Director Chip White was press secretary for NOM’s Yes on Prop 8.

Apparently it wasn’t an oversight that in his sermon this past Sunday, Hutcherson mentioned his work on I-1192, the locally-backed anti-freedom to marry measure that failed to get on the ballot, but didn’t breathe a word about the PMW-controlled referendum that did.

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