First Romney says he’s not going to release tax forms because he will get criticized. Then a Republican strategist admits on Meet The Press that they won’t release details surrounding their tax plan because they’d get criticized. Paul Ryan storms off in the face of the first real question of the campaign. WTF?

How are these guys getting away with their tough-guy, macho bullshit? Their supporters are the same – alligator mouths and hummingbird asses.

The regular guys I know, that saw combat in WWII and Vietnam, are a different lot. They don’t say much, and they let a lot slide. Live and let live. Don’t cross one, though. I watched a young man give a ration of shit to an old guy in the duck camp, and the old guy took it, up to a point. When the young’un let his aggressive Lab (like owner, like dog) attack the old man’s Lab and egged his dog on, he found himself flat of his ass in a chokehold. Turns out the old man was in what later became the Green Berets.

When we finally decide we’ve had enough, I know who I’m putting my money on. And it ain’t the Masters of the Universe.