Chavez, you see, is an actual leftist. A Latin American socialist. A working class Latino.

The future of the United States of America is Latin American.

It is the Hispanic youth, like Sanchez, who are spearheading the new political push. The demographics are irreversible, Grijalva said. “You can put impediments in front of it, you can make it difficult, but the train’s already left the station.”

Young Dreamers – undocumented Latino students who could become permanent residents if the Dream Act ever passed – meet late one recent night in Phoenix, crafting strategy on how to get-out-the-vote to their communities.

Daniel Rodriguez, one such Dreamer, had his educational hopes derailed after Proposition 300 passed in 2006. The measure forced him, and all other undocumented students, to pay out-of-state college tuition, which was three times as much, and he lost financial aid.

Jill Stein or Rocky Anderson may say the right words to match our thoughts. This is not much of a trick when you really think about it. Neither their words nor our thoughts can help Daniel Rodriguez and the erstwhile dreamers. This inability is not a failing of Jill Stein or Rocky Anderson. It is a failing of the concept of Third Party idealism to impact on the practical world of the working class today.

White Middle Class Progressives can stand with the future today.

Chavez, like all real socialists starting with the materialist founding father, Karl Marx, doesn’t deal in white middle class progressive fantasies or white middle class progressive utopian dream worlds. He deplores the US intervention in Libya and he backs Assad in Syria.

Yet, Obama is his candidate.

“I’ve read that Venezuela is divided. But the US is also divided. Every country is divided,” Chávez said. “I won by 10 points and the foreign media call the victory slim. How much did Hollande win by in France? How much will Obama win by? You know Obama is my candidate? … I would vote for him if I could.”

Marx stated in the manifesto: utopian socialism is reactionary. Today’s white middle class third party fluff voters cannot even rise to the level of organisation of the Utopian Socialists Marx critiqued, but can match them only in the level of their mutual reclusiveness and their flaming religiosity.

Lenin wrote that “left-wing communism” (roughly translated as “leftier than thouism” in postmodern internet lingo) is an infantile disorder.

Jaango tells it like it is to the utopians fluff voters:

Take, for example, the Justice and Green Party have no viability in Arizona, and are for the most part, considered “fringe” groups by Native Americans and Chicanos. Consequently, what “role” will these Greens and Justice folks play in defending this current status quo, that just might change for the worse, since the real estate industry is now encountering the multiplicity of an Indian Rez?

After years of many hard lessons learned, “counting the votes” will determine our future together. As to Stein’s “Green” New Deal, may yet come to fruition, but it will have to be co-opted by the mainstream. And if not, it will die the “quiet death” that we, the racial and ethnics, have been advocating for many years. And not to make light of Ideas, more Ideas are needed.

Our problem as White Middle Class Progressives, as well as the practical solution to our problem, stares back at us from the looking glass.

Our problem is not a Louis Cypher named Barack Obama and our solution is not an echo chambermaid named Jill Stein.

Wake the fook up everbohdee!

We have nothing to loose but our dogmatic slumbers.