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My friend received the following letter from a friend in Greece:


I am sending links to an article about important developments in Greece below ( its in Greek! ). I am also sending a quick summary/comment about the developments.

Potentially explosive proposals from ( municipal electrical workers ) GENOP/DEH leader Nikos Fotopoulos to the union federations in Greece calling for mass occupations ( including ministries, airports, ports, public sector offices, transportation, banks and tax offices ) and a political general strike by the workers and to bring down the government gains traction among broad sections of the union movement!

The proposals are light years ahead of SYRIZA & KKE political leaderships who have not called for anything other than 24-hour “protests” and ineffective parliamentary denunciations of the Samaras government ( Nea Democratia, PASOK, DHMAR ) against the most savage attack on living standards against working people since the Nazi occupation in the ’40s.

There is real pressure from below for the workers movement to defeat the government which seems to be coming apart with PASOK’s further sinking and splitting, huge scandals about the billions deposited by MPs in Switzerland. This is on the heels of the successes of the Portuguese workers forcing the Coelho governrment to retreat and the explosive movements and general strikes in Spain!

Fotopoulos is quoted in the media as having said that what is needed now is “audacity and more audacity” ( “tolmi” in Greek ) and for bringing the country at a standstill starting Monday October 8th. Large sections of transport workers, university workers, healthcare and public sector unions had already complained against the pointless “protest general strikes” and have called for more effective action.

The new mood of militancy ( which -if successful- will spread across Europe especially in Spain and Portugal as well as Italy and France where there is a deepening radicalization ) was brought to a head in the last 2 days by the militant protest of shipyard workers ( Skaramaga ) who unpaid for 6 months and facing complete devastation attempted to occupy the steps of the Ministry of Defense before clashing with riot police leading to injuries and hundreds of arrests.

I sent clips of the protest yesterday where hand-to-hand fighting took place between the workers and the police in a development that shook the government ( including the European capitalists ).

Ironically, Angela Merkel is scheduled to visit Greece soon in a move that could actually pour oil ( not olive oil … gasoline ) to the proverbial fire.

The European masters ( and their local tsirakia ) have forgotten WHO they are fucking with. The Greek workers organized an unprecedented general strike and mass protests under Nazi machine guns during the occupation in Athens, and the most successful mass resistance movement in Europe, liberating large parts of the country from the Nazis and their collaborators. Let’s not forget the amazing Squares movement of millions that threatened the rulers last year or the massive youth revolt of 2008 after the murder of Grigoropoulos  (which forced the police to disappear from the streets.)

This was the reason why the Greek ruling class always needed a police state and parakratos ( of which Chrysi Avgi / Golden Dawn is the latest re-incarnation ) in order to impose its will.

Maybe the conservative functionaries ( kareklokentavroi)  of the union federation ( GSEE ), and the stale leaders of the left political parties will contain this deepening radicalization for the time being. But there is a volcano preparing to erupt in Greece soon that will bring this Quisling government tumbling down. The effects will be felt all the way across the world.

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