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VIDEO: Stewart vs O’Reilly

Very entertaining. They necessarily avoid the MSM moderator. At times they both mock her, and rightly so.
On health care Stewart allows Bill to ridicule single-payer healthcare as deeply flawed,using Canada as an example. Jon’s failure to respond was disheartening. the canadians who live 6 years longer on average and voted in a national referendum to crown king the man perceived as instituting universal heathcare. who’s prime minister promised NO U.S. style reforms when looking to tweak their system. Jon allowed the the dishonest assertion that Canadians are flocking to the US in droves for surgeries that can not be had in Canada-bullshit! at 50g’s for knee surgery these are “very wealthy Canadians-and the Canadians know that, that bull only sells down here. If the canadians used 18% of their GDP on healthcare their would need to use gold-plated bed pans(about 12%)

that Stewart is the best we have,sad—-

but all in all Jon put it on Fox’s best rep-enjoy

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