Pull Up Your Cat

Good morning catterfolk! Pull up your cat for some kitteh-chat! Poor Kuroneko had to deal with a thunderstorm all by herself while I was at work on Tuesday I think. Then round two occurred after I got home. She’s not the best at dealing with loud weather, poor thing. She intrepidly went behind the washer and the dryer though and bravely hid from it. Then last night it got cold and I had to turn on the furnace so she moved into the bed with me. This morning when she demanded to be let out, she sniffed the air for a bit, gave me a dirty look and came back inside. She’s been a little cross with me ever since, refusing to even share my egg. Oh well. I guess I shouldn’t have missed Choosing the Weather 101 in college. Here are this week’s photos with further ado:
Wake up and get out of my spot!
Kuroneko picture of the week. Here she is, glaring at me from her winter home in MY bed. I guess if I want a nap today, it will have to be on the sofa!
Obligatory cute kitten picture of the week. This one by way of Icanhazacheezburger?
Here is a video explaining exactly why cats are better than dogs, courtesy of Elliot. Thanks Ellie!

Please stop in and share your kitteh stories and pics with us. If we are really lucky, maybe the SouthernDragon will stop by and give us an update on his tribe with a Namaste thrown in. Whatever you do, I hope everybody has a wonderful week ahead and please remember to set time aside to spend time with whatever animal(s) share your life.

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