Try and try again

As a child I was taught to believe in a living God that created all living things. He used his son to ask us to have faith in his judgment of how we lived our lives and to be Good Samaritans. In seventy-eight years of life I have never found a reason not to believe it. Reality is no one has ever proven there is a God.

In a few weeks America will elect the leaders to governor us for four more years. Throughout history greedy Tyrants have used fear-mongering and the weak and narrow minded to divide and conquer. For the sake of my Grandchildren it is my hope and prayer that every American that was so blessed to be born an American during the Great Depression and believes in a living God will consider what God has possibly been trying to teach us. The Patriots that were in our Government at the time, used all the things that the corporate and political  and religious fear-mongers are now teaching us to fear, Government, taxes, stimulus a United Labor Force and God  to lift us up to become the most respected, prosperous, lending Nation to ever exist. We are now divided, dis-respected, and the leading debtor Nation to the Communist Atheist Nation that supplied the arms to kill our Troops in Korea and Vietnam.  The rich have gotten richer and the poor have gotten poorer. Could a living God be proud of us? Our leaders in Corporate America and Congress with the blessing of the Religious Right have shipped our jobs to China and branded Good Samaritans as Communist. Every open minded, common sense American should know that greedy tyrants have the most to gain from a divided Nation.

Throughout the history of the Muslim, Jewish and Christian Faiths that believe in a living God, narrow minded zealots of those faiths have been trying to annihilate each other. It seems to me that a living God would want a United Nation with a Society of open-minded, common sense, Good Samaritans as an example for the rest of his Earth. The key to a brighter future is learning from our mistakes in history. Amendment 1 of The Constitution of the United States, gave me the right, as an adult American, to put all my faith in what life has taught me to believe. As an adult I began to realize that being taught to be prejudiced against anyone that doesn’t hold my religious belief is anti-American.


Life has taught me that despite the mistakes of the Korean and Vietnam Wars I could still travel anywhere respected as an American. I know how far backwards our Nation has gone since the birth of super wealthy Rupert Murdock’s Fox News, the Democratic Party running out on Americas most Noble of Good Samaritans, President, Jimmy Carter and helped the Republican Party de-regulate Corporate America paving the way for the greedy Corporate executives to ship our jobs to China and elsewhere. The fear-mongers in Congress have all but destroyed our Labor Unions ability to help the middle class by shipping our jobs to China to compete against child labor. Congress ignored our immigration laws to allow greedy employers to illegally bring the hungry from South America as slave labor to under- mine American Labor. The Religious Right that professes to be pro-life twice elected President, George W Bush who lied to us to sacrifice thousands of our son and daughters and thousands of Muslims to kill Saddam Hussein. Our inept Congress that never learned anything from the disastrous Korean and Vietnam Wars enabled him to finish destroying our reputation and economy.

Are we better off than we were 4 years ago? The first person you have to be honest with is yourself. The answer is clearly somewhat. Every open-minded, common sense American should know that what worked so well creating jobs during the depression is not going to work as well when the bulk of the revenue from the products we buy are flowing out of our Nation and into the very deep pockets of very wealthy Corporate executives. The stock market thrived.

Bottom line is we now know that there are no more lands on Earth to be discovered. We should know that Earth will only sustain so much life. If it isn’t God that destroys species of life that over populates then Mother Nature does. Haiti, Japan and Joplin, Mo. are good examples. Is time running out on us? Our grandchildren will continue to be led back into the dark ages by the corporate, political and religious fear-mongers as long as their grandparents ignore the true history of our once most respected USA.    In God I Trust, United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

Ray Vance

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