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Spam? Really?

It just happens over and over here and the mods never learn a thing or get any smarter. Entire diaries and comment strings censored not because they are spam, or egregious violations of the posting rules. But based on simple disagreement, on thinskinned, pearl clutching, straight to the fainting couch inability to deal with any criticism. Are your egos really that fragile? Is the control freak inside that hard to control? Modding ain’t that tough a job; when in doubt, let it ride. Don’t insert yourself into the process as a censor if there is any ambiguity to the situation. Basically don’t be a censorious asshole. DailyKos would be proud.

Edit: For the record it is reported that the diary in question (containing dozens of interesting posts by other FDL members in good standing) was officially deleted for the reason that the author, pseudonymously named Barefoot Accountant, had used other pseudonyms on the site. Why this correction didn’t appear in the original thread as a clarification rather than an entire thread deleted, well I’m still working on that one. I suspect the pseudonyms would never have become an issue had the original now deleted diary not been unpopular with the moderation staff. But that’s just my personal theory.

Kurt Sperry

Kurt Sperry