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Progressives are in need of a supportive webblog in which to communicate and organize

The sad truth is that there are far few progressive websites available to allow intercommunication between progressive bloggers and their organizing. Unlike our progressive forefathers who would meet in the town’s church and speak openly and freely with their citizens about governmental affairs, progressives today have far fewer opportunities available. Ironic, isn’t it, in the Age of Information?

The Daily Kos and the Democratic Underground blogs are controlled by the Democratic Party’s establishment. If one criticizes the corporaist President Obama on those websites, one is immediately banned from further participation. I know: I was.

Even here on My Firedoglake, when we write a critical blog of President Obama, we rarely get the exposure on the front pages of the blog, and are often relegated to sideline links. I suspect, from comments from the editors, that we are regarded by them as being inflammatory or incendiary, and they do not approve. Rather I witness more tame articles on the site, or those not criticizing President Obama. For instance, look at the articles featured now:

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Not one progressive blog criticizing the corporatist policy of the President of the United States even though we are suffering economic ruin and devastation from corporate tyranny and a takeover of our government. If such were the posture of the Colonial Church and of Thomas Paine and Benjamin Franklin, we might never have had an American Revolution.

I invite all progressives to freely post and comment on my websites: The Barefoot Accountant; Connecticut Politics. If you wish to share other progressive websites, or even one of your own, please add the URL in your comments.

We need to promote the progressive agenda. Most Americans actually believe that President Obama is a progressive and will not cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. It’s time to highlight our message since the existing webblogs fail to do so.

The Barefoot Accountant

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Barefoot Accountant