I’ve written a walk-through diary at wordpress, called Basic Walk-Through of BETA version of Occupy The Sidewalk at OccupyPublicSpaces.org (document version 1.0) I tried to reproduce that, here, but the graphics won’t come through. I have to copy the graphics to one of the approved sites.

That ain’t gonna happen tonight!

Anyway, you can check out the wordpress diary, and then go bang on OccupyPublicSpaces.org. There are many cosmetic issues, the longish diary that I’ve written is no substitute for contextual help, and some features that, I believe, will become recognized as very important are not implemented, yet.

Having said that, if there’s no show-stopper type bugs, I believe that Occupy The Sidewalk will positively affect civic life in the US, and beyond, sooner rather than later.

Please sent bug reports to: feeback at occupythesidewalk dot org.

Thank-you and good-night.