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Irrelevant! What 50 to 67 year olds felt about last nite’s debate:

Luckily for my household, we learned that Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now was featuring a #extendthedebate

So we tuned in to “Democracy Now” at 5:30Pm Pacific time. Although we had to endure the wooden postures, and hopelessly platitude-inspired “debate” between the Two Puppets, we also were able to hear two totally relevant, well-informed people who actually debated life as it is lived in the USA. Kudos to Amy Goodman for making the debate between Rocky Anderson and Jill Stein available. (And kudos also to PBS and Lehrer.)


Those two alternate candidates  offered reality-based solutions, and not myths created by the One Percent. We found Stein and Anderson’s viewpoints to be totally refreshing.


Yet still my head throbbed whenever listening to the Obamrmoney puppets. There was no real debate, and I found myself laughing in a brittle manner while Obama justified a position that was barely under attack. What a lousy debater the President is.


And when Mitt spoke, I kept expecting Barack to say, “Hey, you know something, Mittens, I was going to pretend to be offering something different, but why don’t you  shut up and let me make that my position. We are so similar, we should not be debating!”


In any event, while the two men kept arguing about health insurance “reform,” I wondered what Universe they lived on. Mittens kept saying that his research showed that the average family in the USA pays   $ 2,500 more a year, due to the rate hikes that the ACA has allowed the insurance industry to impose. I have no idea if that is true or not. I do know that health insurers in California tried to get rate hikes as high as  52% around the same time that the ACA was being debated. State law put the kaboosh on that.


But the real tragedy regarding the health insurance crisis, is that for any unemployed individual between the ages of 50 and 67, most employers would sooner hire someone thirty years younger, as that way they can save a lot of money on the mandated insurance premiums. (Sixty seven is now the age that you can retire, if you want full benefits, and not half benefits, for all the many years that you have paid into the system.)


My spouse and I must pay, if we were able to afford it, some $ 567 a piece, per the California Insurance exchange. This is because the insurers really sock it to anyone over 50. This “exchange” is the program that Obama was touting, as coming about due to “his ACA.”  (Why it is considered his achievement, when he refused to make any statements about the ACA, during its conception, I have no idea. Even Jon Stewart called him out on that, during mid-August 2009.)

But the tragedy beyond the fact that the premiums are high is the fact that  employers will not touch a person after the age of 50. I have even been told to my face that I should give up applying for jobs, because that is the case. (the individual telling me that waited till she was sure my cellphone battery was not working, so I couldn’t audio record her statement.)


We mid-age people are left unacknowledged, and totally bereft of both employment and insurance. Although grateful that being self-employed, my company makes too little right now to insure the both of us. And we make too much to receive any help from the County or the State.  Our friends are in the same boat. Some struggle to work at the age of 64, trying to deal with the stress of a job that they must hold on to, or else they must take Social Security at half the rate they would get if they were 67.

It is sad that both major Players in terms of the Nation’s Highest Office are divorced from reality. Huge Kudos to Jill and to Rocky for making themselves available to the debate over at “Democracy Now.” Highlights of last night’s debates will be up on the website all day today. (


The only real solution for this catastrophe for older people was the “Single Payer Universal” Health Care system that the two indie politicians are requesting. But the reality remains that Rocky Anderson doesn’t even qualify for the ballot in most states, and Jill Stein will be lucky if she gets 5 or 6% in the general election.







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