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My impression of the debate…er…performance….er…..

 Barack Obama v Mitt Romney Denver Debate

(photo: DonkeyHotey/flickr)

All righty now. What we have here is the college perfesser and the spoiled brat rich kid who can’t keep his damn mouth shut.

The whole thing even more painful to watch than a repeat episode of My Mother The Car. And the car had more class than either of those two. With Jim Lehrer doing his best imitation of a store mannequin. Complete with black beady eyes.  Couldn’t a stage hand or grip or someone just animate him a little bit ?

I watched it on the Democracy Now version with Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson and I have to tell you neither of those two came off as winner either, tho they were marginally better than the approved debaters.  What was with Jill’s nasal sniffing thing any way ? It made her come off as a bad imitation of Lilly Tomlin’s Phone Company operator. And Rocky Anderson just repeated everything we already know but stilted.

More to the point though is where the hell are the statesman and real politicians ? Is this the best we can do now ?

Or is that anyone with any real smarts and common sense knows that this whole thing is going to implode any time and wouldn’t stick their hands is this crocodile’s mouth for love nor money.

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