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League of Women Voters: ” will not help perpetrate debate fraud on Americans”

Looking to history we can pinpoint where they started perpetrating the fraud. Common sense would lead one to the same conclusion. The sheeple allowed the debates to be taken from the League of Women Voters, who stated that they “would not be a part of perpetrating a fraud on the american people.” That fraud that was perpetrated on us last night has evolved into a fifty page agreement between the parties to assure that nothing significant is discussed. Only by “openly” ridiculing the AGENDA of dems and R’s, and those who forward it, will things get any better. Showing them respect just encourages more of the same behavior. Demonstrating to them that Obam and Romney are two sides of the same corporate coin edifies them. There is not a dimes worth of difference between these two sell-outs, it is not debatable. After watching the debates on Democracy Now I will be voting for Rocky, he gave a good accounting of himself.
those that are discussing the debate like it is so important-how can you believe that? really!

here in much more detail, very good analysis

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