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Fukushima:Radiation counts over time for select US cities. Yeah, they’re up

I’ve been hollaring for awhile for this kind of data on radiation counts. Before you panic, look at the scales. Yeah, it’s a LARGE jump but the counts are still small. No need to run to the basement yet.

I’ve no idea of the quality of the data, no warranty express or implied. 

The recent earthquake caused a jump reactor #1 temp. This implies to me that the melt is in an unstable, possibly semi liquid state. The earthquake shook it, the heavy stuff floated to the bottom and concentrated a bit and we had some isolated recriticality. I also think this means it’s a LOT hotter than the temp guages would indicate, at least deeper into the melt.

Thought experiment: If 3000 workers/day are needed at Fukushima and the average worker will get a lifetimes allowable exposure in a year at most, how long until they run out of workers?

And this is interesting as well. A bit protective of our nuclear operators, Mr President?

Boxturtle (The cleanup job will outlive our great-great-grandchildren. If any)


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