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Clowns Driving a Car Off a Cliff

“the report specifically rejected that lowering tax rates would encourage economic growth” (report by Tax Policy Center)


“the president didn’t want to go along with actually beginning to address the real deficit issue, which are health care entitlements.” (quote of Eric Cantor, 2012 campaign)


Ryan and Cantor. Their real policy is to starve the poor or else to kill them by not giving them health care. The reasoning is that they themselves have enough so others must be expendable. We consider that the basic job of people, in our kind of society, is to get their hands on money. Their reasoning: “I do have the basic qualification, which is getting money, so there is no need to be concerned with those lazy, shiftless people, or the ones who are not qualified to be like myself. If those people do not have the money to pay for health insurance, food, or housing they are not on my level as human beings and are better off eliminated and killed.” As Mitt explained in his Florida speech, at the fund raiser sponsored by a hedge-fund financier, and that was secretly captured on video, other people are lazy. They are shiftless. Add your own descriptive term— for whatever they are and you aren’t. As for me, I do not have a job; I have problems. If Ryan and Romney got into office, they would be happy to kill me—they know this, themselves. It isn’t that Ryan, or Cantor, want to lower federal income (income from taxes) because it will stimulate the economy; as the study showed, it won’t actually boost the economy at all. And such a policy is not consonant with what conservatives traditionally do. The only thing that lowering taxes will do is to further marginalize lazy, shiftless individuals. Or kill some of them, of course. I myself know I am a good candidate for death under a Romney/Ryan administration. Romney knows this. He is aware that he wants to kill me.

I am not even criticizing it from a moral point of view. Maybe they are right and I “should” throw my lot in with the rich people and deal with my Asperger’s Syndrome and learn how to talk nicely at cocktail parties, which is not what I am doing. Maybe I should eat meat— and join the hunt club, or fight club or whatever it is— maybe I should stop writing bizarre literature and posting it on facebook. Maybe I should just stop being “different” altogether— what good is it doing me anyway? But, even if all of that were true, it would not even matter because the Republicans are just plain dumb. They lack any ideas or programs. They do not have ideas. They are just plain untenable. Once they put themselves into office they will run this country (in fact the planet, if you want to get right down to it) right into the ground. No outcome that has these guys in the driver’s seat is going to work.

They will destroy themselves. Don’t kid yourself. It won’t work. It is just a mass Republican suicide mission. As a result of their policies they will try to live on cotton candy and thin air in a fairy tale castle and it won’t work (even they have old Beatles records or “Rage Against the Machine” to play on solar-powered boom boxes). It won’t work anyway. There is no life like that; there is no world like that where arrogant people live on laughing gas. They are poor, too. Not in money but in their basic worth, or quality, as people. So, they are very, very poor. And they don’t have the ability to run or rule or to rule the world, but “everybody wants to rule the world,” which is another song they might recall. They are the poorest of the poor; the poorest ones of us. But, also like everyone else— yet they are proud— very proud of themselves and very full of the will to live, to perform. Others, they think, must be inferior to them. They think they are real high quality persons, who will do things correctly. They think that if only they were in charge, they could lead the world. And then everyone would like them or something. And then the world would be a happier place.

But that’s what everybody thinks. Isn’t it? I think if I was in charge the world would run way better. I want to be in charge. “Everybody wants to rule the world.” [please insert the little musical notes; I don’t know where they are on the world processor ha ha] But the Republicans think that they have special policies, and the world will work better with them.

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Jack S. Silverman

Jack S. Silverman