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Texas: male vice-principal spanks teen girl; leaves welts

Why is this happening? I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that this still goes on in Texas — parental-approved corporal punishment — but the reason it’s banned almost everywhere is because of the potential for outlandish violence perpetrated by an school administrator. This is what happened to Taylor Santos at Springtown High School, located northwest of Fort Worth, TX. WFAA:

Taylor said she didn’t know a fellow student copied some of her classwork, but the school sent both girls to two days of in-school suspension. After day one, Taylor didn’t want to return. She went to the vice principal’s office to request a paddling instead. He had Taylor call her mother, who gave her approval.

“I knew school policy was females swatted females, and males swatted males,” Jorgensen said. “If Taylor wanted that, I said that would be fine.” But she quickly disapproved when she saw the results and learned who actually did the paddling. “I came unglued,” Jorgensen said.

While a woman was present in the room, a male vice principal swatted Taylor. Springtown ISD policy states “corporal punishment shall be administered only by an employee who is the same sex as the student.”

“It looked almost like it had been burned and blistered, it was so bad,” Jorgensen said. “It was bright red,” Taylor said. “I still have welts on me today,” she added, 48 hours after the paddling.

In the wake of this, what happened? Springtown ISD Superintendent Mike Kelley told the reporter that paddling was only done with the consent of the parent — putting the blame squarely back in the court of mom Anna Jorgensen. Even worse, Kelley plans to ask the school board to do away with the policy — not corporal punishment — but the same-gender paddling requirement! His reasoning is there aren’t enough female school admins, so he needs the male administrators to mete out the physical punishment on the girls.

What did the mother think? Well, she doesn’t want the corporal punishment eliminated either; she just wants the same-gender requirement retained.

“I think Taylor is proof that we need to keep that policy,” she said. “I don’t believe a man intentionally meant to do that to her, but it still happens, because men are too big and strong to be hitting 96-pound girls.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding