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Come Saturday Morning: Minnesota Republicans Don’t Want You Looking under the Photo ID Hood

Minnesota Republicans like Scott Newman really don’t want you looking under the Photo ID hood, most likely because as the polls show, the more time Minnesotans have to study the proposed amendment to the state’s constitution, the less they like it. This is not a happy state of affairs for state Senator Newman, the bill’s author of record — and a person who seems to be trying to cow at least one local paper, the Hutchinson Leader, into silence, if not abject submission:

After reading Sen. Scott Newman’s letter about the voter ID plan, I’m not sure if he is accusing the Leader of malfeasance for printing opinions that don’t support the Republican plan — or is he trying to intimidate citizens from expressing their views on the plan?

It’s interesting that Sen. Newman can lecture the League of Rural Voters, the Hutchinson Leader and apparently all of us about what is submitted to or accepted on the Opinion page.

He tells us to read the Supreme Court case. I invite him to read the First Amendment. Seems to me it says something about free speech.

Senator Newman’s trying to close the stable door after the horse escaped. The Photo ID discussion horse is out and about and grazing quite nicely, thanks. Especially in greater Minnesota.

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