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Anonymous Leaks NYPD Zuccotti Raid Footage


(via flickr creative commons)

This is at the Adbusters Culture Jammers site:

Citizens of the internet,

Today we release to you a cache of hours Zuccotti park raid footage. Brought to you by the New York Police Department’s TARU! As many of you know, the NYPD denied freedom of press the night of the Zuccotti raid by kicking out the media and keeping them two blocks away. They also detained and arrested several journalists. Much of the video being released is edited by the NYPD, and at times the edits are quite blatant, probably trying to cover up their brutality committed November 15th in Zuccotti park.

Surveillance cuts both ways… It can also be used to make the authorities accountable for their actions. As you watch the videos in this archive… We ask you to take down the badge numbers of those that committed crimes against the peaceful occupation protest. If the badge is unclear, that nifty number on their storm trooper helmets is the badge number. Report and makes (sic) complaints how you see fit. We ask you to keep an eye out for glitches in tape, timestamp changes, or other things that just are not quite right with the film. Make note of them.

Dictators in other countries have been known to drive street sweepers up and down roads, often for days at a time when they knew a protest is supposed to be taking place there. Sound familiar?

The tactics are the same, the methods are the same, the power, is the same. We ask the people to stand in solidarity with your brothers and sisters around the world.

For our struggle is the same.
The struggle for equality, justice, peace and freedom.
Your secrets keep me peaceful.
Your lies keep me safe.
You are satisfied with my ignorance, and you are in control.
But we are aware.
We are Anonymous
We do not forgive.
And we do not… Forget.


Read the full Anonymous communique, watch 16 minutes of sample footage, and download the full archive of secret footage via bittorrent.

The intro video is here; the communique was, of course, parked at pastebin. The bittorrent link went to ‘page not found’ for me.  Update: i googled and found the page that shows the playlist.  I found it at the Dissenter; once again I missed it at the MotherShip.  Thanks, Kevin.

I suppose ‘report and make complaints as you see fit’ will be useful in some lawsuits against the cops-pigs-police-security-apparatus.  Most of you will know far about any of this than I, and especially as far as spreading it about.

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