A Smattering Of Things And Also Too: Shakira’s Ass. Also Updated

Just a few things things to get off my chest….

I’m going to dial back the hippie-punching for awhile because I think I have made my point. As of late, with the Romney campaign having become Dead Man Running, it has been much more enjoyable (for me, which, in the grand scheme of all things considered, is all that matters) to poke purity progressives with my pokey stick then the sad sacks on the right who seem to  have, as Joe Biden might say, literally given up the will to live.

On the I Blame Obama front…. I have allegedly been known to possibly sometimes use the twitter-twatterings of various cast members in Life’s Rich Pageant O’ Blogginating and Pontiferacating for merry-making and japery. During this time I have also been thrown out (as in blocked) of some of the seedier establishments on the internets.  To date, I have been blocked by Michelle Malkin (who had preemptively blocked me prior to my ever setting up a twitter account), Liz Cheney, Jonah Goldberg, Joel Pollak, Jim Treacher, Dana Loesch and her chubby hubby, and John Hawkins among others. To their credit I have not been blocked by The Virgin Ben Shapiro, Jim Hoft, Ari Fleisher, and John Podhoretz (Fleischer and Podhoretz can actually be quite funny in their responses). Hell, even George Tierney of Greenville South Carolina never blocked me, although there is ample reason to believe that he was too dumb to know how. Yesterday I was reading a post over at Lawyers, Guns, and Money which linked to a twitter post by Glenn Greenwald and, much to my surprise, I found out that Glenn has specifically blocked me for some reason. To the best of my knowledge I have never said a disparaging word about Glenn (but then, who knows, I say shit all the time without realizing it) who I think is an engaging writer about the topics he feels most passionate about. I’m not going to go on a Godlstein twitter-stalking Michelle Malkin ‘Baby-why-don’t-you-love-me?‘ jag, but I find it kind of …weird. I should also point out that I have several alternative twitter accounts that allow me to see What I Must Not See so it’s not like the blocking is all that effective.

UPDATED!!!: Glenn Greenwald loves me!

From the comments:

From Glenn Greenwald

Hey TBogg – someone just emailed me about this. You’re right that you are blocked from my Twitter account, but I can assure you I didn’t do that on purpose. In fact, I had been seeing your tweets in my feed quite recently – I’ve followed you from early on after creating a Twitter account – so the only thing I can think of, other than some autonomous Twitter mischief, is that when I looked at something, my wayward fingers accidentally clicked “blocked”.

I trust you know that I wouldn’t block you and then deny it. If I had a reason to block you, I would just block you. I don’t. I don’t agree with all your views of course – I don’t agree with all of anyone’s views – but I’ve always enjoyed your writing and still do.


…and there was joy throughout the land.

On Romney …. I always expected that Romney was going to be the Republican nominee in 2012 because of the groundwork he began laying down starting in 2008, but I never thought he would be this gawdawful as a candidate. Maybe it’s my own misty water-colored memories, but I remember the 2008 Romney being a lot looser and sharper. Now every time I see him he has the panicky eyes and smile of a kid who is thrilled to be going on his first rollercoaster ride even though he thinks there is a excellent chance that he is going to die. As for Ann Romney, I thought she’d be better too but she can’t seem to keep her Privileged Rich Lady Tourettes under control.  If she hasn’t resigned herself to the inevitable  before concession speech night, we are going to see The Mother of All Bitchfaces that night. Also too, the Romney’s La Jolla home is a little under four miles from my house off of a street that I use frequently so I have ample reason to want to see him lose because who needs the traffic problems? Not me. NIMBY, bitchez!

Back in ye olden days when I was in the catalog bidness, I used to spend days on location matching up the right model with whatever outfit or look we were going to try and sell. When you are on photo-shoots there is a lot of down time for setting up shots/lighting/props/make-up etc. During this time, the models who are not involved in that particular shoot tend to  lounge around and chit-chat and talk shop. On one particular shoot we used a model who, undoubtedly proud of her recent conversion, started every contribution to the general conversation with ” Before I accepted Jesus into my heart/life….” which, of course, drove everyone fucking nuts after a couple of hours or so. Of course no one wanted to upset her, we just wanted to get through the day without major make-up reconstruction. Which is my way of getting to the point that people who continually insist on injecting into conversations that they

  • Aren’t going to vote because it only validates the system
  • Don’t have or watch TV as a sign of their cultural superiority
  • Are a vegan and feel ever so much better since they converted

…are annoying as fuck. Shut up.

Thanks to the many readers (you know who you are) who sent me “things” following my ten year blogiversary.  Also too, special thanks for the special someone who sent the strippers. Twins! Awesome.

And now here is your Shakira ass to tide you over until Tebow Sunday….


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